A Few Content and Format Tweaks

I’ve made a few changes to this blog that I hope you’ll find useful.

First, I’ve added my Twitter feed to the sidebar on every page, providing you with the opportunity to read the news and opinion pieces I regularly post on Twitter, even if you don’t follow me there – and even if you don’t have a Twitter account!

Second, with this access to my Twitter feed installed, I’m discontinuing the series of blog posts that I initiated in September of 2020, first under the title of “Current Comment” and later as “Selections”. This series was intended to bring to your attention current news and opinion pieces that I had found informative and enlightening. But unfortunately, the time-consuming process of collecting such items and then writing the commentary to introduce them resulted in many of them appearing too late, and some of them not appearing at all. I hope the new real-time Twitter feed will serve to correct these flaws.

Third and last, all new posts (starting with this one) will appear in shortened form, with only the first four or five lines showing on the home page. Clicking the “continue reading” button will then take you to the full post. The shortened form will allow you to easily scroll down the home page to review the most recent previous posts, in case you missed, or should wish to re-read, any of them.

As always, stay well …


6 thoughts on “A Few Content and Format Tweaks

  1. His, Tom! My production of Globs has stalled! Busy making past ones into ROOM books and finishing my three volume commentary on the 26 novels of Iris Murdoch. Also building Junk Towers after Kurt Schwitters! ROOM 15 coming soon!

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    1. I’ve stalled on my blogging as well, Colin! I’m hoping that ending the “Current Comment / Selections” series of posts will get me back on track. I’m about to begin writing an essay of personal reflections prompted by a wonderful book I’ve just finished reading, “On Not Being Someone Else: Tales of Our Unled Lives” by an English professor named Andrew H. Miller. The numerous autobiographical globs you’ve posted over the years – all of which I’ve found so compelling – shall serve as my model and my inspiration!

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  2. Hi, Tom (as it should have said before!), thanks for that! I feel humbled and somehow very satisfied.

    That’s a splendid title for a book I’ve not heard of.

    It’s odd, how the stalling happens: something seems to get in the way. I haven’t stopped writing though – just the next step of filing it as a WordPress document. ROOM 17 contains a 20 page account of the last long bicycle ride I made in 1994 which it just seemed worth digging out of two old notebooks. I’m currently dredging notebooks going back to 1970!

    Looking forward to your essay. My experience tells me that once you get started so much will flood in!

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